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Phil Oliver



Raised by parents Barbara & Phil Oliver II, Phil was taught the value of good health early in his childhood. Later in life, he would transform his 150 lbs body into a stronger 185 lbs body through aerobic and weight resistance training. After the transformation, Phil started boxing at the Decatur Boxing Club under Xavier "Bad Pads" Biggs in September 2005. Here Phil would learn the skill of padwork. While sparring hundreds of rounds with fitness clients, rising amateur boxers, and professional boxers, Phil would begin the study of the sweet science of boxing. After immersing himself in the art of mortal combat, Phil would develop a unique boxing style with great influence from Bob Foster, Sugar Ray Robinson, Ricardo Lopez, Roberto Duran, Nicolino Locche, Willie Pep, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Joe Louis, and Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. Phil is willing to share his style with all who will listen.



Education:  Associate's in Health Education
                    Bachelor's in Community Health Education
Certification: USA Boxing Licensed Coach
                       ISSA Certified Personal Trainer 
                       ISSA Youth Fitness Trainer



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Decatur, GA

(470) 819-3896

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